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Amp Things Up

A common problem we see with non-pro scripts is that they're not engaging or not engaging enough.

To sell, your spec screenplay needs to be very engaging - it needs to pull the reader into its world, captivate them, make them keen to turn the page.

Given the vast cost of making and marketing the average Hollywood feature ($30+ million), your screenplay needs to be great enough and engaging enough to justify that vast cost.

What do pro screenwriters do?

They amp things up - they don't just have exciting action, they have nail-bitingly good action.

For drama screenplays: they have can't-wait-to-turn-the-page engrossing drama and conflict that emotes well to the reader (and movie going public).

If it's a comedy screenplay they make sure their reader and audience will be laughing so much they will tell their friends how great the story is.

Mission Impossible Computer Room scene

Show us something new, and amp it up!

Don't repeat what has been done before. Show us something new, something original - but amp it up, GRAB your reader, THRILL them, make them desperate to turn that page!

The writers behind most action movies know this technique well. From the Mission Impossible universe alone we have:

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