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Expert screenwriting tips


Reel Authors is dedicated to making you a better screenwriter and your scripts the best they can be.

We excel at leveraging our industry experience to help you land that sale, agent or contest-winning script.

We are the only script screenplay coverage service that:

Who are our analysts?

We are highly selective on who we take on.

Unlike many other analysis/coverage providers, we require that our analysts also be seasoned screenwriters - our minimum requirement is that they have 5+ years industry experience and have sold or optioned at least one screenplay.

Consequently we employ a small but highly dedicated team.

Our guarantee

Due to the experience our analyst will bring to bear on your script, we guarantee their analysis can make it better.

Our analysis/coverage report and scorecard will highlight areas in which your screenplay can be improved.

If your analyst cannot suggest ways to improve your script, we'll refund your entire fee.

Reel Author's Screenplay & Teleplay contests

Prior to the sudden passing of Reel's co-founder, we also ran two bespoke screenplay contests:

Since the passing of our co-founder we no longer run these contests.

To assist agents/prodcos with validating contest placements, we keep the contest results accessible. You can access them via the More menu item or click on the links below:

International Breakout Screenplay & Teleplay Contest results

Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay & Teleplay Contest results

Entrants can download the Results PDF files to their hard drives for their own permanent copy.

Our Screenplay Analysis & Coverage service

Due to production work we have suspended our coverage service for now.