Inside Out

Riley is a little girl who has to leave her beloved town and friends to move to San Francisco for her father’s new job.

As the stress of the move takes its toll on her, Riley experiences emotions she has never felt before, thanks to the little characters (her emotions) struggling to keep things together in her head.

Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler is as happy and upbeat as she sounds.  But when Sadness accidentally causes havoc at headquarters (Riley’s head), Joy and Sadness are propelled out into the unknown vortex of Riley’s brain and must find their way back before it’s too late.

The winning character that even outshone Joy’s constant ethereal glow was definitely Sadness (voiced by The Office’s Phyllis Smith).   Her pitiful loom and gloom was absolutely endearing and she is the underdog that even helps save the day.

A movie that both kids and parents will love and remember.



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