American Burger

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This quirky, off beat comedic horror is a breath of fresh air.

When a bus load of American high school students venture on a trip to a so-called “American Burger” factory in Europe, things quickly take a turn for the worse.

A crazed chef with an immense hatred for Americans lures them to the factory only to have them hunted down and butchered to make the meat in his famous American burgers.

Some of the students immediately perish, while others make it out to the woods, fending for themselves as the masses of murderous butchers continue after them.

Audiences will love the cute and oh-so-dense characters consisting of Geeks, Jocks, Cheerleaders as well as their over-enthusiastic teacher.

The Swedish actors do their best at performing in American accents, some actors do quite convincingly well, others not so.  But either way, the sweet, endearing Swedish cadence in their voices are enough to put a smile or laugh on your face.  -Not that you’ll be short of laughs, as this film is filled with the right balance of spoof humor that keeps this flick in the league of great classics such as ‘The Naked Gun’ and ‘Airplane’, surpassing that of many modern mediocre movies like the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise.



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