Orphan (2009)




After recovering from the death of their still born child, Kate and John decide to adopt a child from an orphanage.

It is there they meet a little girl named Esther, a Russian orphan who seems beyond her years.

Upon bringing Esther home to meet their other two children, John and Kate notice how well Esther gets along with their youngest daughter, a sweet mute girl named Max. ¬†However John and Kate’s son, Daniel fails to bond with Esther.

Esther senses Daniels hostility and begins to manipulate her new parents against him. ¬†When Kate starts to catch onto Esther’s disturbing behavior, she contacts the orphanage for more information about Esther’s background.

The orphanage confirms Kate’s worries when they state it may be a coincidence that “bad things” seem to follow Esther, whenever she’s around, bad things seem to happen to other children.

Soon John and Kate realize the coincidence is a reality, when Esther puts their whole family’s life in jeopardy.



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