Dallas Buyers Club

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Starring Matthew McConaugheyJennifer Garner and Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club is set in the 80’s when a lot of people were still uneducated out and fearful of AIDS.

McConaughey stars as Ron, a real “man’s man”, an electrician by day and womanizer by night.  He thinks he’s just been run down with the common cold but a near electrocution puts him in the hospital where tests reveal that he is HIV positive.  Given a life expectancy of just 30 days, Ron is determined to beat death and goes about researching the virus and disease while still in denial about being a carrier.  After a stint at the library teaches him about the different ways of contracting HIV, he finally accepts his diagnosis.

Learning about a new AIDS drug being tested in a clinical trial, McConaughey enlists a hospital orderly to help him obtain the drugs, only to find that they make him sicker than he already is.  The orderly tells Ron of a doctor in Mexico that may be able to help him obtain illegal and unapproved drugs, so in a state of desperation, Ron goes there and meets the infamous Dr. Vass.  -An American doctor who had his medical licence revoked which is why he has to practice in Mexico.

Vass tells Ron that about the toxic effects of certain new drugs and gives him a new more natural concoction of supplements to help him instead.  When Ron starts to see improvement, he goes around the AIDS community and sells the supplements for a profit.

Ron meets a fellow AIDS sufferer Rayon, a lively and friendly transvestite and the two manage to create a successful business with the unapproved supplements, thus the company Dallas Buyers Club is formed.

What follows is an unlikely connection between Ron and Rayon and how the once intensely homophobic Ron reforms.  Jennifer Garner plays the understanding doctor and Ron’s love interest during his battle with the disease.




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