A Teacher

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Lindsay Burdge and Will Brittain star in the familiar story of the forbidden teacher/student relationship of ‘The Teacher’.

Burdge stars as Diana, a seemingly timid and reserved high school teacher.   Her conservative attire and awkwardness around people in general, particularly adults, just sets up the surprise that she is deeply invested in an affair with one of her high school students, Eric, played by Brittain.

Plot wise, this film is lacking, but the set up of severe circumstances both characters are faced with is what makes the viewer continue to watch.  Human nature is always attracted to pitfalls and drama and the two “protagonists” in this film certainly have their fair share ahead of them.

Both actors are perfectly suited to their roles, Brittain being a very likeable and charming high schooler, making it understandable that a grown woman could and would be attracted to him.  Burdge captures the the quiet Diana whose inner troubles become more prevalent as her character arc grows.

Unfortunately for ‘The Teacher’, the end of the film ended in my opinion much too abruptly.  The final climax in the last 10 minutes of the film, was so enthralling, it was the best part to an otherwise, slow to develop film.  Then… fade to black and the end credits started to roll… and we are left feeling, somewhat a little cheated.




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