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Inspired by the growing gap between the rich and poor, Elysium is a futuristic action drama set in 2154.

Matt Damon plays Max, an ex-convict trying to live right by working to survive in the dystopian world, called Earth.   Working in a factory creating robots, he is accidentally exposed to lethal amounts of radiation and given the prognosis of having 5 days to live before a painful death.

Meanwhile the rich and privileged live in a space station just outside Earth, called Elysium.  Immigration regulations tighten as their secretary of defence, Delacourt (played by Jodie Foster) is determined to keep illegal immigrants from entering the Elysium hemisphere.

Many humans on Earth try to enter Elysium in desperate attempts so they can utilize the healing machines available there.  Max now finds himself in the same situation and approaches his ex underground employer Spider for help.

Spider gives him one last job to accomplish that will act as his ticket to Elysium, to hijack an Elysium executive and steal the data needed to convert all of Earth’s citizens into Elysium citizens.

Meanwhile, Max encounters his childhood sweetheart, Frey, who also has a terminally ill daughter, Matilda… Who acts as another reason for Max to make it into Elysium and fulfil the promise he made to her as children, to bring her there for a better life.

One man stands between Max and his dreams, Kruger, a violent operative employed by Delacourt.  Kruger also has his eyes set on Max and wants to obtain the data from Max so he too can rule Elysium.

Another great production by Neill Blomkamp (writer/director of District 9), Elysium is probably not quite as realistic and impressive as District 9’s documentary type feel.  However Elysium is just as entertaining and performances by Matt Damon and Diego Luna (who plays Max’s loyal friend Julio) are extremely impressive and worth watching.



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