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Expert screenplay coverage by working screenwriters

Reel Authors is dedicated to making you a better screenwriter and your screenplays the best they can be.

We excel at leveraging our industry experience to help you land that sale, agent or contest-winning script.

We are the only coverage service that:

Our screenplay coverage will improve your script - Guaranteed!

Is your script Hollywood or Nicholl Fellowship ready? We'll help get it there. We guarantee our coverage will improve your screenplay. If we can't suggest ways to improve it, we'll refund your entire fee.

Where do/have our analysts worked?

Warner Bros, Paramount, CAA, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures to name a few.

What you will receive

You'll receive outstanding coverage provided by an experienced screenwriter who has in-depth knowledge of your script's genre.

We have provided coverage for 1000+ screenplays.

Unlike some coverage services, our analysis/coverage does not include a synopsis - we want to concentrate on helping you improve your screenplay, not telling you what you already know. Unlike many other coverage services, our coverage will be packed with advice.

Basic Coverage: $99

Standard Coverage: $149

  • Fundamentals
  • Storyline
  • Characters & Character Arc
  • Dialogue
  • Pro Screenwriting Essentials
  • Scenes & Acts
  • Pace
  • Concept & Marketability
  • Drama & Conflict
  • First Ten Pages
  • Advanced

Premium Coverage: $199

Free screenwriting advice and tips

We're run and staffed by professional screenwriters and script analysts - people who love screenwriting.

To assist the thousands of non-professional screenwriters working hard to break into the industry, we have published 40+ free articles on professional screenwriting techniques, advice and tips.

These articles and our coverage service will be invaluable to your screenwriting career.

The articles are available via the Tips menu bar at the top of your screen. Some can also be found via the links on the page footer.

Customer testimonials

A selection from our many customer testimonials:

'...your industry-savvy coverage helped me land a great agency and my first sale' (S.M.)

'The report provided me with invaluable feedback, which will truly develop me as a writer' (O.W.)

'Out of the many coverage services I have used, Reel Authors has been by far the most helpful and best value... When you spend hundreds of hours on a script, it's wonderful to have a reader who understands that, reads your script from page one to end, and takes time articulating their spot on feedback.' (G.P.)

' analyst's perceptive feedback was a huge factor in my Nicholl placing' (P.E.)

'...thanks a lot for this coverage: it was fast, affordable, comprehensive, and more importantly directly useful' (J.D.)

'I've only run across a small handful of readers that are as adept as the one Reel Authors handed my screenplay to. Thanks for a great service at a great price' (D.R.)

'I just got your analysis of my screenplay, ‹title removed›. It is by far, the most constructive, insightful feedback I've ever received on any of my work. I'm extremely grateful.' (K.K.)

[More testimonials are available, click here]

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